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Marital Rape in India: An Outdated Legislation

Guest Author
The doors of Delhi High Court have been fluttering since last one month with voices being raised to criminalize exception 2 Section 375 of the...
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Raising The Age of Marriage of Women in India: A Step Forward or Backward?

Guest Author
On December 15, 2021, the Union cabinet gave clearance to the proposal of raising the legal age of women for marriage from 18 to 21...
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What is the Applicable Law if an Indian Marries a Foreigner : An Analysis

Guest Author
What are the laws in India if a foreigner marries an Indian? Does that entitle him to claim permanent residence in India or even a...
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Death Of Memory Machaya – Child Brides In Zimbabwe Still Awaits Justice

Guest Author
A fourteen-year girl died while giving birth at Church Shrine in Zimbabwe. The girl was forced to marry at an early age. After two hours...
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Kerala HC Declares Marital Rape as a Ground for Divorce

Guest Author
Last week, a Division Bench of the Kerala High Court in Mat. Appeal No. 151 of 2015 held that marital rape is a good ground...

Gender Implications of Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Guest Author
The sporadic distribution of persons, identity, culture, language has always been a part of the Indic civilization. This heterogeneity implied a myriad of personal laws;...
Legal Opinion

Marital Rape: A Social and Legal Paradox

Guest Author
Despite 75 years of independence, the social status of women in India still stands in shadows. Grievous crimes and alarming rates of pending cases portray...

भारतीय महिलाएं और शादी का बंधन

Rajesh Singh
राजेश ओ.पी. सिंह भारत में आज भी कुल माइग्रेशन का 46.33 फीसदी शादियों के द्वारा हो रहा है और इस माइग्रेशन में 97 फीसदी हिस्सा...