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Mimi: Bringing back the debate on Surrogacy

Guest Author
Kriti Sanon and Pankaj Tripathi starrer film, Mimi is the latest attempt by Bollywood to bring the taboo topic of surrogacy back in the mainstream...
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The Dichotomy of Indian Women: Underpaid and Overworked Across Sectors

Mani Chander
Mani Chander Did you know Serena Williams is paid less than Rodger Federer? Did you know Mithali Raj, the Indian Women’s Cricket team captain earns...
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The Widening Gender Pay Gap is a Looming National Crisis

Mani Chander
Mani Chander Of 153 countries, India is placed at an abysmal 149th position in economic participation and opportunity according to the Gender Gap Index Report...
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Surabhi Gautam, IAS – Navigating through the hurdles of Life to reach her Goal

Srinivas Rayappa
Born in a middle class family in a small sleepy village of Madhya Pradesh, Surabhi was always cognizant that her parents were her constant pillars...

Roadmap for a Brand New Wave of Feminism

Guest Author
By Bhumika Singh When somebody identifies as a feminist in today’s world, they are met with sneers and ignorant criticism. Most people have a convoluted...
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राजनीति में आधी आबादी गायब

Rajesh Singh
राजेश ओ.पी. सिंह नब्बे के दशक में जब बहुजन समाज लोगों में इस बात की जागरूकता आई कि संख्या में तो वो ज्यादा है परन्तु...