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What is the Applicable Law if an Indian Marries a Foreigner : An Analysis

Guest Author
What are the laws in India if a foreigner marries an Indian? Does that entitle him to claim permanent residence in India or even a...
Legal Opinion

Ambedkar’s Quest For Gender Equality

Guest Author
In 2004, Columbia University released a list of the world’s best top 100 scholars, and the list was topped by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. He made...
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SC allows Women candidates to appear before the NDA exam

Guest Author
The Supreme Court removed the bar for women to appear before the NDA exam scheduled on September 5. The Court passed an interim order in...
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Devolution of Intestate Transgender’s Property

Guest Author
Where there exists a property, inheritance of the same shall always be a pertinent question. An heir is a person who is entitled to receive...
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Laws as Armour: What every working woman must know

Mani Chander
Mani Chander In India, one of the most significant reasons why women continue to be marginalised at the workplace is because often they have little...