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Editor's Pick Legal

Stand of The Supreme Court on Rights of Sex Workers: The Story so far.

Guest Author
The Indian sex workers case is making the top headline these days. The recent order dated 19-05-2022 given in the case of Budhadev Karmaskar v....
Editor's Pick Interview Opinion

Legalise Sex Work; Give Us Ticket To Contest Elections : Demand of Women from the Bachhada Community in MP

Avani Bansal
Most women are forced into Prostitution due to Poverty: Women of the Bachhada community seemingly have a choice – either get married or take on...
Arts & Culture Editor's Pick Inspiration

Indian Documentary Feature on Minority Women in the running for Oscars

Guest Author
The rousing documentary ‘Writing with Fire’ has made its way to the 94th edition of Academy Awards and deservedly so....
Editor's Pick Opinion

बदलते परिदृश्य में स्थिर महिलाएं

Rajesh Singh
आज पूरे विश्व को एक ग्लोबल गांव की संज्ञा दी जाने लगी है अर्थात वैश्वीकरण से सारा विश्व आपस में जुड़ गया है, देशों के...
Arts & Culture Editor's Pick

Hey Ladies! Let’s Grow Our Christmas Trees

Elsa Joel
Come Christmas and everyone has a bit of a tree decorating tradition in our homes, inside or in our gardens. When the Christmas tree is...
Editor's Pick International

13th – A Lesson on Race, Injustice and Mass Incarceration

Guest Author
In the mid-1960s, Malcolm X once remarked, “If you stick a knife nine inches into my back and pull it out three inches, that is...
Arts & Culture Editor's Pick

Gender Stereotyping and Disparity in Cinema

Srinivas Rayappa
The hero construct is very significant in our culture. A lot of the industry’s money is riding on that hero and therefore the whole attempt...
Arts & Culture Editor's Pick Featured

Rangoli – An Overlooked Women’s Art Form

Ashmi Sheth
Boasting of India’s long-held tradition and culture, these intricate patterns sitting gracefully on the floor of almost every other Indian household allude to an art...