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Editor's Pick Interview

Interview of Prof. Verene A. Shepherd

Elsa Joel
Thank you for taking the time to explore my work, ideas and influences. First of all, my overall research interest as a Social Historian, is...
Editor's Pick Inspiration Success Stories

No Entry for Men – Umoja Uaso: Kenya’s Women-Only Village

Srinivas Rayappa
Gender inequality is the blemish of the 21st century, a remnant of the past that the tide of time should have long washed away. It’s...

Feminism At A Crossroad: Is Intersectional Liberalism The Way Forward?

Guest Author
Deeksha Tiwari “A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men.”― Gloria Steinem Feminism has been around for a while...

Roadmap for a Brand New Wave of Feminism

Guest Author
By Bhumika Singh When somebody identifies as a feminist in today’s world, they are met with sneers and ignorant criticism. Most people have a convoluted...