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The Iconic Contemporary Female Artist Of The Age: Bharti Kher

Guest Author
Bharti Kher is the most recognizable name in the contemporary art world who is continuously redefining the meaning of life through her masterpieces. Her work...
Education Opinion

Apparently, Girls are Supposed To ‘KNOW’

Guest Author
“Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) has come across a number of cases, wherein sexual harassment takes place among close friends. Boys generally cross (sometimes advertently, sometimes...
Opinion Politics

Sulli Deals now “Bulli Deals” – New Year not so happy!

Guest Author
With the onset of social media, sexual abuse & online harassment is common thing now, but as if things couldn't be worse for us women,...
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Raising The Age of Marriage of Women in India: A Step Forward or Backward?

Guest Author
On December 15, 2021, the Union cabinet gave clearance to the proposal of raising the legal age of women for marriage from 18 to 21...
Education Opinion

Deepa Mohanan Controversy: The Open Secret of Caste-Based Discrimination in Indian educational System

Guest Author
The gravity of this matter very recently came to light when the news of the PhD student Deepa Mohanan, made headlines. She is a Dalit...
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What is the Applicable Law if an Indian Marries a Foreigner : An Analysis

Guest Author
What are the laws in India if a foreigner marries an Indian? Does that entitle him to claim permanent residence in India or even a...