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The Future of Socially Responsible Investing: Why Female Leadership Matters

Guest Author
Socially responsible investing has been gaining traction as more and more investors seek to put their money where their values are. And as the industry...

Time To Recognize And Monetize The Services Of Homemakers In India

Guest Author
159.85 million women in India, according to a 2011 census, state "household work" as their primary occupation compared to only 5.9 million men. The same...

Sexually Provocative Dress: Another essential for Sexual Harassment?

Guest Author
As practitioners/students of law and justice, we are all well aware of Section 354A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Even those who are from...
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Campaign By Survivors Of Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Guest Author
Last year, survivors of the Bhopal gas tragedy commemorated the 37th anniversary of the incident. Thereafter, they decided to launch a campaign, “Bhopal Disaster: 37...