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Marriage, Sex and Consent : The Split Verdict By Delhi High Court In Marital Rape Case

Avani Bansal
Nothing that is ‘imposed’, survives for too long. Marriage as an institution continues to exist, around the world, because a large majority of people ‘choose’...
Legal Opinion

Marital Rape in India: An Outdated Legislation

Guest Author
The doors of Delhi High Court have been fluttering since last one month with voices being raised to criminalize exception 2 Section 375 of the...
Legal Opinion

Dereliction Of The ‘Other Gender’: Deprivation Of Minor Male Sexual Assault Victims By The ‘Skin-Touch’ Doctrine

Guest Author
COVID-19 has been a fertile spawning field of sexual violence. Where some Courts have been deontological and acknowledging of this phenomenon, certain judgments act as...