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अम्बेडकर के लक्ष्यों में महिला उत्थान सर्वोपरि

Rajesh Singh
विश्व में ज्ञान के स्तम्भ माने जाने वाले भारत रत्न बाबा साहब डॉ. भीम राव अंबेडकर को केवल दलितों के उद्धारक बता कर सर्वसमाज और...
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Devolution of Intestate Transgender’s Property

Guest Author
Where there exists a property, inheritance of the same shall always be a pertinent question. An heir is a person who is entitled to receive...
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No Entry for Men – Umoja Uaso: Kenya’s Women-Only Village

Srinivas Rayappa
Gender inequality is the blemish of the 21st century, a remnant of the past that the tide of time should have long washed away. It’s...