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Sexism in Indian Advertisements

Guest Author
Advertisements have been an important medium for companies to promote their products through powerful messaging. Thus many companies try to come up with unique taglines...
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Mother Of A Two-Year Old Boy Seeks Justice From Smriti Irani, says She Has Followed All Process But Is Not Being Allowed To Meet Her Child

Guest Author
On 27th September, 2021 a young woman named Ankita, from Delhi, tweeted to the Minister of Women and Child Welfare Mrs. Smriti Irani to seek...
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Three Woman Judges Elevated to the Supreme Court!

Guest Author
President Ram Nath Kovind has cleared nine names for alleviation to the Supreme Court recommended by the collegium, including three women judges. Justice Hima Kohli,...

लड़कियों की शिक्षा पर कोरोना का प्रभाव

Rajesh Singh
कोरोना महामारी के चलते जब सारे शैक्षणिक संस्थान बन्द है तब शिक्षा का जो स्वरूप बदला है, वह ना तो हमारे देश के छात्रों और...

Shattering the Glass Ceiling in Corporate Workplaces: Six Progressive Policies Every Organisation must Adopt

Mani Chander
By Mani Chander Women aren’t just good for a company’s image. There is overwhelming evidence that enhancing gender diversity and equality at the workplace has...
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21वीं सदी में दलित महिलाएं

Rajesh Singh
राजेश ओ. पी. सिंह बाबा साहेब डॉ. भीम राव अंबेडकर ने कहा था कि “मैं किसी समाज की प्रगति, उस समाज में महिलाओं की स्थिति...