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Normalising Sex Education – One Uncomfortable Question At A Time

Shivangi Sharma (for The Womb) in Conversation with Sania Rehmani, the ideation head of Sex Education India. Sania joined us to talk about the organization and how they are bringing change by asking one uncomfortable question at a time. 

As the second most populated country in the world, we surely do not live upto the expectations of our citizens’ sexual well-being. Our children grow up in the blissful ignorance of sex education only to gain the wrong knowledge from dangerous sources. As a country while we agitate when we hear any instances of sexual offence, our understanding of it is so crooked that we don’t even acknowledge sexual crimes that happen right under our noses, committed by the very people we live with. Apart from sexual offences, there are several other social concerns that exist simply because our society is too conservative to talk about them. Topics like relationships, intimacy, physical and emotional growth during puberty, consent, gender norms, sexual orientation and many more that are essential part of a human being’s life are neglected in our growth years. The one subject that covers all of this is Sex-education. It is a topic that hits right at home for millennials who grew up knowing the importance of sex-ed, only to be deprived of it. But Gen-Z here has taken upon itself to deal with this head-on. Not only are they actively working on spreading awareness on importance of sex-ed, they are demanding the administration to wake up to their responsibilities and teach the subject, not just in a tokenistic manner but in a comprehensive and inclusive sense. The Womb had the opportunity to talk to one such proactive Gen-Z organization. Mincing no words, they are called Sex-Education for India who are aiming to normalize sex education and prioritize the need to teach consent in educational institutions.

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