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In Conversation with Ms. Prachi Mehta, Founder TAG – The ADR Group

The Womb Team spoke to Ms. Prachi Mehta, who is an internationally accredited Mediator and is the Founder of TAG – the ADR Group, a venture which provides mediation services to clients. Prachi started her career 15 years ago in New York ad a lawyer and became a dispute resolution expert. After graduating from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi she studied law from University of Delhi and the New York University. She is certified by Harvard Law School for mediating complex disputes. She has also worked as a visiting Researcher at the Stanford Law School to research and develop mechanisms for Indian industries and companies to effectively use mediation for resolution of disputes. Ms. Avani Bansal spoke to Ms. Prachi Mehta about her experiences with Mediation, how couples involved in family matters can approach Mediation before court based litigation. She also spoke to her about Prachi’s career trajectory and interesting experiences she had along the way. Join us for this riveting conversation. Do subscribe to our channel for more videos.

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