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In Conversation with Divija Bhasin, Counselling Pyschologist

With social media taking over the world, we have a myriad of content creators using their platform to raise awareness on various issues including mental health. While there is an influx of unqualified personnel, there are a few legitimate psychologists using social media to educate, bust myths about psychology, normalize the conversation around mental health and also raise their voice against ill-practices within the industry.

One of the most popular such pages in India is @awkwardgoat3 on Instagram, run by Divija Bhasin. Describing herself as your friendly neighborhood therapist, Divija is a psychologist, with an MSc in Clinical Psychology from the University of Bath. She creates fun, light and relatable content on mental health, focusing on overall wellbeing of people. She also actively speaks about unqualified, misinformation pages masquerading as psychological facts, which are absolutely false, misleading and do more harm to the already misunderstood science. The Womb in conversation with Divija, talked about her social media journey as a mental health practitioner, changing perception of people about mental health and the much needed changes in the study of psychology in India.

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