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Launching “Mind Mastery for Success” – Namrataa Bhatia in association with The Womb

The WOMB in association with Namrataa Bhatia ( transformational coach) presents its first of a kind knowledge series. Given the current scenario, we decided to begin with a 7-part series workshop which delves into your personal lives, examines your current reality and assists you to create a new future.

You will become aware of your thoughts, and your language and realize that you are the creator of your life. Once the awareness sets in, you will attain power over your thoughts and be able to maneuver them into crafting the blue print of your future. You will create a fertile mind which is the foundation of new beginnings!

Namrataa will teach you different modalities and meditations, the practice of which will assist you to own your future. We all use different states of mind at different times in the day, and the scientific knowledge of these mind states will enable you to maximize your Mind power.

This workshop is designed to give your life a much needed boost.

This is the Turning Point!!!

Look forward to your participation in the program.

Namrataa has studied many modalities from different spiritual masters and with her experience and knowledge will use the same during the workshop. The learning is experimental and interactive, and daily practices will allow you to be in the flow.

Duration : 14 to 20 June, 2021 (4 To 5 PM)

Details On Poster.

About Namrataa Bhatia:

Initiator of transformation and an energy practitioner, Namrataa Bhatia is a leading coach for spiritual development and transformational coaching. She is now dedicated to help participants connect spiritually and delve within to become a high-vibe individual; helping create The High Vibe Tribe community.

She speaks about the universal Realm and believes that the “universe has your back” at all times. She began her career with lifestyle coaching and image building – and owns two fashion labels – Namrata GB and Man by Nam.As she worked on the external image of clients she realized that the real strength of style and beauty lies within an individual and that needs to be awakened. She then began to seek within and realized that the power that you have inside enables you to shine bright, adding to your external image.

Her approach is genuine, elegant and simple. Her modalities are based on ancient cultural texts and bring out the inner dynamism in an individual, irrespective of their age. She encourages her clients to live a full life that resonates with your soul’s calling.

Namrataa maintains an unwavering focus on her mission to enrich the lives of a clients by teaching them simple processes and practices of living in the Hi Vibe.

She has studied different modalities such as Access Consciousness, the Release Technique, energy practices and EFT, to name a few. While conducting her programs Namrataa customizes the use of different modalities to generate maximum results in participants.

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