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Ford Foundation Commits $420 Million Towards Gender Equality 

By Muskan Rani 

The world we live in still has a long way to go to achieve gender equality. There are several countries that are doing well but there are many more countries where gender equality still doesn’t exist in various sectors of society. Due to this Covid-19 pandemic, various organizations which were working actively on gender issues had to slow down their work because of lack of funds. At the same time, several women and girls are forced out of job or have had to work from home. 

In order to continue the work on gender equality across the globe, different non-profitable organizations have come forward to help small organisations and individuals financially, to facilitate in their work as change-makers. 

Ford Foundation is an established and popular international non-profit organization, which amongst other causes, has worked extensively towards promoting gender equality 

On 30 June, 2021 Ford foundation committed $420 million towards promoting gender equality in the next 5 years. This decision was announced in the pivotal United Nations Women’s Generation Equality Forum in Paris, France. $420 Million is dedicated towards “Gender-Based Violence; Economic Justice and Rights; Bodily Autonomy and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights; Feminist Action for Climate Justice; Technology and Innovation for Gender Equality; and Feminist Movements and Leadership” amongst others. 

Apart from this $47 million is dedicated towards uplifting women who are facing extreme poverty, especially due to this pandemic. $159 towards  gender-based violence, $94 million towards reinforcing the work of women activists and young ladies’ privileges foundation, $167 million in awards to help associations working and supporting on diverse issues like financial equity and rights, sexual and regenerative wellbeing and rights, and innovation and development.

This fund will be given to organizations or individuals working on key issue related to gender inequality, gender-based violence, strengthening the feminist and women and girls’ rights infrastructure, advocating on multifaceted issues like economic justice and rights, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and technology and innovation.

The pandemic has disproportionately affected women and girls and underscored how much more we all must do to address and achieve gender equality with greater urgency. The Generation Equality Forum is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reshape our society and to build an equitable future for all of us”, said Darren Walker, Ford Foundation president.

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