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Editor's Pick Interview

In Conversation With Shamim Modi, Social Activist & Politician

Avani Bansal

In this extremely candid and honest conversation, hear about the journey of Ms. Shamim Modi, who was a city girl, but then got engaged passionately in the fight of the Adivasis and workers. From her experiences of working on building a grassroots movement to choosing to enter into electoral politics, Shamim shares very interesting and heart-touching anecdotes from her journey. She also shares how she met the love of her life and got married, the struggles and joy of parenting as an activist and a political person and how she never let her gender or religious identity be a roadblock in her work.

If you are looking at being inspired into a journey of ‘working for the people’ with integrity and passion, this is a must watch conversation, condensing years of wisdom in about an hour.

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