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A Tale of Jogini’s Exploitation

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In the 3rd century AD, Kalidasa, one of the greatest writers of ancient India, made a reference to ‘dancing girls’ that were present in the...
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The unfinished skill training of India’s women: Bridging gender-based skill gaps to enhance women’s employment

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India’s growing economy needs 103 million skilled workers between 2017-2022. Yet, over 100 million Indian youth (15-29 years) are not in education, employment or training...
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Post Roe Era, The ‘heartbeat’ Bill And Unleashing The Hounds Of The American Right

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In the wake of the chaos unleashed by the infamous Senate 8 Bill it is important to take a look at ground zero, the fabled...
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IndiaSize Project and Capturing the Indian Body

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It is well documented that the western standards of beauty and body ideals have affected mental health of non-white women all over the world, be...
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Achievements of Women in Paralympics 2020

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The Paralympic Games, governed by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) concluded on 5th September. Tokyo 2020 was the biggest Paralympic Games ever with a record...
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Indian Judiciary on Rape Cases

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Rape has been defined under Section 375 of the IPC (Indian Penal Code, 1860), which states that rape is said to have been committed when...
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No Concrete Investigation In ‘Sulli Deals Matter’, Two Months After Several Muslim Women Were Auctioned Online

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The news of the Delhi police cyber cell registering FIR against an app for sharing pictures of women without their consent, had given some hope,...
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Death Of Memory Machaya – Child Brides In Zimbabwe Still Awaits Justice

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A fourteen-year girl died while giving birth at Church Shrine in Zimbabwe. The girl was forced to marry at an early age. After two hours...