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Time to Revisit the Origins of International Women’s Day

Guest Author
On March 8, 1917, female textile workers in Russia led a strike demanding “Bread and Peace”. This movement marked the beginning of the Russian Revolution...
Featured Poems

अरे अभागे ! प्रेम करके तो देख !

Guest Author
हिजाब पहना तो मारेंगे जींस पहना तो मारेंगे बुर्का पहना तो मारेंगे टाँगें दिखाई तो मारेंगे घूँघट हटाया तो मारेंगे बोली तो मारेंगे ! न...
Arts & Culture Featured

She Took Our Breath Away…..

Elsa Joel
Born as Hema to Pandit Deenanath Mangeshkar, (a theatre actor and classical singer) and Shevanti in 1929, this icon we call Lata Mangeshkar started singing...
Featured Legal

What is the Applicable Law if an Indian Marries a Foreigner : An Analysis

Guest Author
What are the laws in India if a foreigner marries an Indian? Does that entitle him to claim permanent residence in India or even a...
Featured Legal

Breastfeeding – An Inalienable Constitutional Right of a Mother

Guest Author
In a recent case, the Karnataka High Court on 24 September, 2021 observed that breastfeeding is an inalienable constitutional right of a lactating mother and...
Featured Inspiration

7 Years of Recognizing Women

Guest Author
The digital women awards were established in 2015 with a goal of celebrating and recognizing entrepreneurs or digital women. The focus of the awards is...
Featured Health

Medical Termination Of Pregnancy (Amendment) Act, 2021: Progressive But Restrictive

Guest Author
The Medical Termination of Pregnancy (Amendment) Act, 2021 has become operative from the 24th of September 2021. The amendment alters the parent legislation i.e., Medical...