The Womb

A Woman

By Khyati Shrestha

If you think being a woman makes me weak, then think again.
Think why a “weak creature” like me has the power to create and destroy life.
Think why, I, even though having the same biological material, let you walk over me like I’m nothing.
Think again.
Think why I let you do that. Why I let you satisfy your male ego.
Think why, I, am a perfect Boss and a perfect Homemaker.
Think about why I let “our kid” take up your surname.
Think about why I am ready to give up my surname for yours.
You think of me as “the weaker sex”.
The “inferior gender”. But why not the other gender?
The other half?
Because you’re too scared.
To scared if I understood my value.
Too scared about me realising my place, my potential.
So let’s do this again. Think again.
Who’s the weaker sex?

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