The Womb

The Ultimate Girl Next Door

By Nidhi Duhan

Let me tell you about the

Ultimate girl next door;

Who is smart before beautiful,

Talented before pretty,

And hard-working before hot.

Whose words echo

Through ceilings,

Starting fires for her dreams.

Whose passion shines

Though the drapes,

And the long hours that she put in

Are just for her sake.

Whose touch is longed for,

As it floats with art and so much more.

She has come ahead of the catcalls,

of “you got the job for your looks”

and “you won’t handle that much pressure

even if you could”.

Let me tell you about the

Ultimate girl next door;

Darling, her curves are more perfect

Than the carvings in your soul.

Her edges so pure,

Defining all the scars along with

The glitters in her bones.

Movies couldn’t define her enough,

Songs couldn’t hold the rhythm of her footsteps.


She is the artist.

The boss.

She is the ultimate girl next door.


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